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AutoGenius - How it works

We’re comfortable being the hidden genius behind Nigeria’s first online and mobile insurer, but sometimes people want to know who we are… so here we go:
We're Insurance Experts, Techies, Brokers, Entrepreneurs, Digital Marketing Genies and most importantly Nigerians who love to use Technology to solve problems.
We are creative, innovative and boy, do we enjoy providing you unbeatable service!!!!

You must have heard this before in Nigeria:
  • I don’t need insurance, God is my insurance
  • Why bother with insurance when insurers don’t pay claims
  • The last time I tried to buy one, they sold me a fake policy

Before AutoGenius, buying any type of policy for your new, tokunbo or "my papa dash me" car, involved one of these 3 things:
  • You asked a friend or colleague to recommend an insurance company
  • You were introduced to #OneGuyLikeThat
  • #OneGuyLikeThat then sold you an insurance policy which may have been fake

By this time you finally verified whether your policy was real, #OneGuyLikeThat had disappeared forever, and you had entered #OneChance!
Now with AutoGenius, the power is in your hands. Right from your device, you can:
  • Search for quotes
  • Compare the prices and features
  • Buy from the best of Nigeria’s insurance companies instantly
  • Get instant SMS confirmation from authorities that you have bought a genuine insurance
  • And Print your insurance certificate

You can pay with your Verve card, Visa card, Mastercard, At our office, AutoGenius Scratch Card and even Bank Transfers or deposits, anywhere, anytime… It’s that simple!
Words like easy, straightforward, no-hassle, no wahala and no sweat are synonymous with AutoGenius. That’s why it’s called "the Genius"

One more thing.. you get whopping discounts from our trusted insurance partners when you buy online. At AutoGenius, our mission is simple: insure every vehicle on Nigeria’s road, simply, quickly and efficiently. Shikena!

AutoGenius not only makes buying insurance easy and cool, it helps you save! No need to resign yourself to ‘one guy like that’ just to keep your premium low. AutoGenius is trusted and amazingly frugal on the premium front. Simply purchase a policy on your mobile phone or online and the genius will take care of the rest. He will mail your policy to you to print or keep it safe for you on the website till the next time you need it.

  • Cheapest Rates
  • Highest Coverage
  • Discounted AA cover
  • Discounted Fuel Vouchers
  • Quickly access on mobile devices
Need 3rd Party or Comprehensive policies? He offers both!

The best part is- he can get you the CHEAPEST prices in Nigeria. Yes, you heard it right!

AutoGenius has the cheapest prices anywhere and you can search and compare quotes from seven insurance brands online, on the go. What you won’t get elsewhere is TRUST that the genius will give you the best cover. And that's a promise!

When it's time to renew your policy, he'll also send you a reminder so you don't get clamped by the traffic cops!

Sometimes we need just a little help! So here are some Frequently Asked Questions .

And here's our very short Mission Statement : “Unbeatable price and convenience".

We are available 24/7 to answer your ‘What if’ questions. Contact us or get a quick car insurance quote online today!
  • Cheapest Rates
  • Highest Coverage
  • Discounted AA cover
  • Discounted Fuel Vouchers
  • Quickly access on mobile devices
We work very hard to get you the lowest rates hence you can save more and still get the right cover with your car insurance policy. Our partners ensure that you In addition to this, we also help you in managing your car insurance policy by sending you quick reminders when the renewal date is approaching. Since all you information is saved on mobile platform, you would no more worry about losing your printed copy of car insurance policy. You can also make hassle-free online payments for you insurance policies.

With AutoGenius, you also get a varied range of value-added services that is accessible to customers, only. These services include discounted car breakdown cover from AA and other vehicle product discounts of up to 20%.

We are available 24/7 to answer your ‘What if’ questions. Contact us or get a quick car insurance quote online today!

Our Vision

As you know, a genie is the real deal! Because we clearly understand what we want you to achieve (and because frankly, we are the AutoGenius), our single-minded vision is to grant your wishes! We will make sure you are happy with your car insurance policy every time so that you enjoy safety, convenience and peace of mind.

Our Commitment

To provide customers with innovative hands-on insurance, at unbeatable prices with the highest level of cover for your private and commercial vehicle

Our Values

At the core of everything we are our values. We stand by them and reflect them in all our actions:
- Trust
- Simplicity
- Integrity
- Service
- Value
Quick. Affordable. Convenient! That is what we do for our clients when they really need help for selecting the right car insurance policy for their cars. Our mission is to offer unbeatable price and convenience to you!

AutoGenius is an innovative car insurance policy management platform accessible through mobile devices. So, all your information is available at a push of button now. AutoGenius offers both 3rd Party and comprehensive car insurance policies through its platform.

At AutoGenius, we have partnered with many insurance providers across Nigeria to get a superior proposition, comparative pricing and great savings for our customers. Our platform ensures hassle-free experience while selecting a car insurance product from top brands.